Conscious Cashmere

The Linnea Lund company likes to define itself as the marriage of Swedish kindness and Italian excellence: if the cashmere yarn is harvested in Mongolia in selected providers that respect animal well-being and the fair remuneration of breeders, it is woven in Italy, where the best craftsmen in Europe are found. Added to this geography is France, since its founder and main designer, Charlotte Bjorklund, is a Franco-Swedish based in Paris.

But if Scandinavia Design is interested in Linnea Lund, it is also for the excellence of its products, which aspire to transcend fashion with timeless designs made in one of the most durable cashmere wools on the market: Linnea Lund pieces are meant to last and be worn for many years.

Made on Order To avoid overproduction and waste, classic scourges of the fashion industry, Linnea Lund products are made on order by Italian craftsmen, piece by piece: rather than selling at a higher price to finance unsold items, this method allows Linnea Lund to sell at the right price. The price to pay is a manufacturing time of approximately 2 to 3 weeks.


Angela Poncho
100% cashmere

 Charlotte Turtleneck Sweater
100% cashmere

Charles Turtleneck Sweater
100% cashmere

Care instructions

Despite beliefs, cashmere is a water-loving material. However, it should not be washed anyhow if you want to make it last a lifetime.

Here are some tips for caring for your cashmere and preserving its softness.

• Wash the cashmere every 2/3 worn, and let it air out between uses.
• Use a detergent suitable for wool
• Never add fabric softener.
• Wash cold or at 30°C maximum, in a protective cover. • Always dry your cashmere flat on a towel, away from light and heat.
• Iron it with an iron that is not too hot and a lot of steam - if in doubt: it is best to use a damp cloth between the iron and the sweater.
• Store your cashmere folded and not hung to preserve its cut.