protected leather

SIERRA, by Ca-Mo, is a buffed and printed leather which makes it visually uniform. It is also a protected leather, it is therefore extremely easy to maintain. It is ideal for sofas, chairs, benches, etc. with heavy use.

SIERRA protected leather can be used for private spaces as well as for public projects such as libraries, schools, universities, etc. SIERRA is also used for the interiors of hotels, restaurants and shopping centres, i.e. high traffic areas where it is very important that the leather has a durable surface treatment. SIERRA is chrome tanned and produced without the use of PCP and CFCs which are damaging to the environment.

SIERRA leather is available in a large collection of classic and contemporary colors. It is important to note that the colors and grain visible below are for reference only and there may be differences in the color shade and grain of the actual skin compared to the photo. In order to get a more precise idea of the final result, a sample loan system is available. 

deposit for free samples
95 €

SI1012 - white

SI1013 - pearl

SI1635 - milk

SIK1019 - kelato beige

SI1279 - haze

SIK1052 - kelato sand

SI1699 - warm beige

SI1082 - khaki

SI1611 - stone

SIK1053 - kelato toffee

SIK1003 - kelato cognac

SIK1070 - kelato calvados  

SIK1044 - kelato chestnut

SIK1513 - kelato whisky

SIK1103 - kelato brandy  

SIK1041 - kelato mocca

SI3530 - cappuccino

SI1015 - dark brown  

SI0407 - lime

SI1104 - spring

SI0441 - army  

SIK1056 - kelato forest green

SI2146 - sun

SI1004 - yellow  

SI2013 - mustard

SI2148 - peach

SI1100 - mandarin  

SIK1025 - kelato antique red

SI2021 - pink

SI2141 - Ferrari red

SI1014 - red

SIK1020 - kelato English red

SI5057 - turkis

SI1060 - viola

SI1307 - navy

SI0336 - petrol

SI1058 - ocean blue

SI1009 - dark blue

SI1316 - light grey

SI1007 - grey

SI1001 - black

SI1259 - glide

SI1900 - slate

SI1253 - steal grey

SI1275 - plaster