aniline leather
Nevada & Silk

Aniline leather is leather that has had no surface treatment, or very little, and thus retains the leather’s natural appearance and very soft surface. With aniline leather, a certain amount of natural markings may be expected in the form of healed scars, tick marks, etc., which contribute to its exclusive appearance. The untreated or only lightly treated surface of aniline leather allows the leather to breathe, resulting in very high sitting comfort. 

Aniline leather is susceptible to staining and will eventually darken and create a patina. This merely makes the leather more exclusive. Only hides from the best sorting level are used for aniline leather – here it is possible to see hair follicles in the grain.

Some aniline types, such as Silk and Nevada, are so-called vacuum-tanned aniline with a smooth surface, also called saddle leather. Here, the original grain structure in the leather surface has been removed by vacuum/pressure treatment. These leather types have a very exclusive look. Please note that the colours and grain shown are for guidance only. The actual hide may differ in grain and colour from the picture shown.

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Silk leather

Silk is a moderne, sleek leather with a wonderfull silky touch. Versatile in its many possible applications, but particularly appealing to the dynamic designers of cosmopolitan and contemporary environments. Silk has a very natural finish where the beautiful, authentic signs of life (such as fat stripes, healed wounds and insect bites) are left to enhance its overall appeal.

Silk is chrome tanned and produced without the use of PCP and CFC which are damaging to the environment. Rawmaterial: Grain leather from European raw hides. Drum-through dyed aniline leather, colour differences may occur.

cognac - SIL0250

chestnut - SIL0229

dark brown - SIL0329

stone - SIL0691

nougat - SIL0258

whisky - SIL0551

cream - SIL0197

copper - SIL0240

black - SIL0842

light grey - SIL0854

grey - SIL0855

turkis - SIL0778

fuchsia - SIL4060

purple - SIL7008

sea blue - SIL0779

yellow - SIL0550

orange - SIL0565

red - SIL4009

light green - SIL0692

dark green - SIL0681

Nevada leather

Nevada is a full-grain, vacuum-tanned, aniline leather which is tanned free of chrome (FOC). The hides are smooth and firm, but at the same time supple with an exceptional grain. Nevada is perfect for production and upholstering of architect-designed classics. Visible insect bites, healed wounds and fat stripes contribute to the exclusive look of the leather.

Please note that NEVADA meets the requirements according to BS 5852 Crib 5 flammability test, which is requested especially for the contract market and in the UK market. Rawmaterial: Grain leather from European raw hides.







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