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Ready Made Curtain

design Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, 2017

Ready Made Curtain by Kvadrat offers a flexible and easy-to-install curtain system with a personal touch.

Ready Made Curtain brings together all elements required to create individual design curtains: hanging mechanism and cord, pegs and a selection of Kvadrat textiles. The concept allows to choose from these elements separately, providing a multitude of possible configurations. Whether a combination in subtle tones and natural finishes or something more bold and colourful is desired, Ready Made Curtain can be freely combined to suit ones individual taste.

The ingenuity of the hanging cord – a replacement for the traditional curtain pole – is found in the hanging mechanism that can be mounted either on the wall or ceiling: ‘The starting point was a picture in a Japanese book from the fifties. The book was a catalogue of objects and in it was a guitar. From there, we began to explore the system of string tension in guitars.’, the designers explain. The cord is an efficient and elegant solution to hanging a curtain. It can be rewound when need be, in order to maintain the right tension, and is easily transferable from window to window.

hanging cords

The hanging cord (length 5m) is a replacement for the traditional curtain pole. The hanging mechanism to which it is attached can be mounted either on the wall or ceiling and is wound in order to create tension in the cord. The hanging mechanism is available in four different colours: white, blue, grey and red. 100% oak.

An extension kit is available for windows over 2 m in length.

Hanging mechanism L8 x W6,5 x D3 cm

Grey Set

Oak Set

Blue Set

Red Set

Grey Extension

Oak Extension

Blue Extension

Red Extension


The Ready Made Curtain pegs simply clip onto the fabric, holding it securely in place, and hook onto the hanging cord. The pegs are available in four different colours: white, black, grey and red.

x20 grey

x20 white

x20 black

x20 red


The Kvadrat fabrics offered with Ready Made Curtain each have distinct qualities: From a warm woollen fabric for a cosy atmosphere to a contemporary unwoven textile for a clean and minimal finish, every kind of interior is achievable. Fabrics are available in standard pre-cut sizes and in customised sizes upon request.

You can also choose a Marimekko fabric or an Artek fabric.