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Åkande – desk, stool & side table
OneCollection / House of Finn Juhl
Jonas Lyndby Jensen, 2022

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House of Finn Juhl, Dansih Design

Each year, Denmark's leading interior design magazines join forces to honor those who stand out in Danish design. The year 2022 saw the crowning of the Åkande series, designed by Jonas Lyndby Jensen for Onecollection, voted in the "Furniture of the Year" category and dubbed by journalists as "Finn Juhl's perfect companion":

"The designer's goal was to create a series of furniture that complements the works of one of the most prestigious people in Danish design - Finn Juhl. The series stands out for the shape of its borders, which reminds of the leaf of a water lily. With its delicate characteristics, the series is an extension of Finn Juhl's expressive design. Made for the true connoisseur, it magnifies the tactile quality of the wood, which almost seems like a textile. The design matches Finn Juhl's aesthetic while retaining a unique expression of its own. Well done".

Åkande means "water lily" in Danish. "One of the first images that came to mind when I was designing the series was the leaf of a water lily. My father used to swim in the lakes and pick them. I didn't think of the flower so much as the round, flat leaf with the collar sticking out. The flower of the water lily is the star of the lake, and the leaf serves to support it. In the same way, I humbly perceive my line of drawings as a complement to those of my idol, Finn Juhl."
- Jonas Lyndby Jensen.

The series includes two stools, a side table and a home office desk. The four-legged stool and desk are available in solid oak. The three-legged stool and side table are available in solid oak and solid walnut.


120 x 64,5 x H72 cm

1595 €

Stool 3 legs

Ø40 x H46 cm

from 535 €

Stool 4 legs

60 x 40 x H46 cm

835 €

Side Table Oak

Ø40 x H46 cm

735 €

Side Table Walnut

Ø40 x H46 cm

1175 €



Jonas Lyndby Jensen

Jonas Lyndby Jensen was born in Hjørring, Denmark in 1976. He apprenticed as a cabinetmaker and went on to study furniture design at the Royal Danish Academy of Design, from which he graduated in 2009. Jonas has a handcrafted approach to design and cabinet making. He has an innate sense of detail and aesthetics. True to Scandinavian traditions, Jonas has a long-standing passion for making quality furniture and wood products. He often finds his inspiration close to home: in the Scandinavian countryside. Rooted in the tradition of Nordic furniture and famous Nordic pieces, Jonas aims to shape designs with a modern twist.

Each year the Wilhelm Hansen Foundation awards the prestigious Finn Juhl Prize to a person who has made a significant contribution to furniture design. Jonas Lyndby Jensen received this award in 2020.