About A Chair AAL83 / AAL83 Soft


design Hee Welling, 2012 / 2020

With a base in moulded wood veneer, the AAL83 & AAL83 Soft variants have the same compact aesthetics as the rest of the About A Chair armchairs and are differentiated by their solid legs slightly angled outwards which come provide optimum stability.
The wide choice of coating options and basic finishes makes it suitable for a wide range of public and private contexts. Optional seat cushion mounted with Velcro.

Legs moulded beech and oak veneer

Materials moulded polyurethane foam
Soft and Soft Duo versions 25 mm cut foam and 40 mm wadding
Dimensions 76 x 73 x H79 – seat height 36 cm

AAL83 Lounge chair

AAL83 Cushion

AAL83 Soft Lounge chair

The Soft Duo version mix 2 different upholstery: please ask for a quote

Fabrics & Leathers


Steelcut Trio 105 (price group 2)

Hallingdal 407 (price group 4) 

Raas 982 (price group 4)

Atlas 931 (price group 1) 

Remix 133 (price group 1)

cuir Nevada NV0500 (price group 6) 

Bolgheri LGG60 (price group 4)

Lola Rose (price group 2) 

Remix 383 (price group 1)

Olavi 01 (price group 2) 

Remix 383 (price group 1)
+ Steelcut 655 (price group 2)

Coda 962 (price group 6) 

Leather Sense cognac (price group 6) 

Canvas 414 (price group 4) 

Harald 182 (price group 5) 

Front DOT 1682 02 (price group 3)
+ back Remix 152 (price group 1)

Front Bolgheri LGG60 (price group 4) + back leather Sense nougat (price group 6) 

Hee Welling

Hee Welling is a Danish furniture designer who founded his own studio in Copenhagen in 2003. Welling has received a number of design awards, including the Bo Bedre Award (Denmark), Good Design Award (USA) and has been nominated as the Danish designer of the year in both 2013 and 2014.

Welling is the son of a cabinetmaker, and his fascination with production techniques, materials and machinery was fired as a child. He went on to study at The University of Art and Design in Helsinki, and received his master’s degree in furniture design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (where he is also now a design tutor).

His design ethos is centered around the idea of creating technically accomplished products that can reach a wide audience. His work is characterized by a great sense of proportion and quietly elegant looks.