design Clara von Zweigbergk

The Iris vases, with their harmonious and rounded shapes, are handmade in Japan. Their ultra-thin porcelain has a matt finish, which brings them elegance and softness. They are available in 2 heights and 3 pastel colours.

Dimensions S Ø11,5 x H13 cm – L Ø14 x H17 cm

S – Grey
85 €

L – Grey
169 €

L – Blanc cassé
169 €

Clara von Zweigbergk

Clara von Zweigbergk is a graphic designer and art director from Stockholm, Sweden. She studied at the Beckmans School of Design, Stockholm, and at Art Centre College of Design, Pasadena, USA. She has a breadth of experience in working within both advertising agencies and multidisciplinary design studios. After a period working in Milan, she returned to Sweden to set up her own design studio. Her work has received international recognition, and she has won a number of design awards. Zweigbergk’s work is characterised by simplicity, balance and an exceptionally good grasp of colour. For HAY, she has created Kaleido, Ellipse Tray, Paper Paper Bin, Iris Vase and HAY PLAY.