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Discover Hay chairs in 3 categories: 1) Hay chairs with wooden legs 2) Hay chairs with metal legs and 3) Hay chairs with swivel base.

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Hay chairs with wooden legs

Hay chairs with metal legs

Hay chairs exemplify the brand's design philosophy - combining minimalist aesthetics, functionality and innovation - and make a major contribution to Hay's reputation as a leader in contemporary furniture design. 

About A Chair

The About A Chair (AAC) series is one of Hay's most iconic collections, designed by Hee Welling. Characterised by its simplicity and versatility, it offers a wide range of chairs suitable for all types of environments, from offices to homes, thanks to a variety of bases, shells and finishes. To find out more, visit the About A Collection page.


The Rey chair, originally designed by Bruno Rey in 1971, has been reintroduced by Hay in collaboration with Dietiker. It is famous for its unique screwless assembly, offering a distinctive silhouette with its disc-shaped legs. These chairs are appreciated for their durability and comfort, as well as their timeless design.

Soft Edge

The Soft Edge series uses innovative production techniques to create ultra-soft edges, making it lightweight and stackable. Designed by Iskos-Berlin, this collection combines modern aesthetics and comfort, with a steel or wood structure suitable for intensive use in a variety of environments.

J41/J42, J104 & J110

The J41/J42 and J104 chairs are Hay's re-editions of Scandinavian design classics, originally created by Jørgen Bækmark as part of the Danish design group FDB. The J110 shares the same origin and has been designed to provide the comfort of an armchair in the form of a dining chair, paying homage to the heritage of Scandinavian furniture.


The Pastis chair has a simple yet elegant design, with a touch of warmth and conviviality, echoing the Mediterranean sense of welcome. It's a versatile chair that's equally at home indoors or out.

Neu 13

The Neu 13 is a modern chair with an ergonomic plastic shell and wooden base, reflecting a minimalist approach to design. It is comfortable, durable and suitable for a wide variety of environments, from domestic to professional.


The Result chair was originally designed for schools in the 1950s by Friso Kramer and Wim Rietveld, before being reissued by Hay. It is renowned for its lightness, robustness and iconic industrial design, with a plywood seat and back fixed to a folded steel frame.

Petit Standard

Le Petit Standard is a chair by Daniel Rybakken for Hay that explores the interplay between strength and beauty. With its steel frame and lightweight back, it offers a clean design and a structure that is visually light but incredibly strong.


Designed by Hee Welling, the Hee chair is made entirely of metal and is available in several versions (dining chair, bar stool and lounge chair). It is appreciated for its simplicity, functionality and durability, being stackable and suitable for outdoor use.