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Eiffel collection
coffee tables & shelves

design Line Depping & Jacob Jørgensen, 2018

Based on a simple layering principal, the Eiffel collection, created by Depping & Jørgensen, offers a flexible and multifunctional range of shelving units and tables using cast aluminium leg modules with powder-coated MDF square, triangular or rectangular plates in different sizes. The shelving systems and tables are available in diverse colours, heights and shapes, making them suitable for use in a wide range of private and public contexts.

Base cast aluminium
Plates MDF

Coffee tables

Dark brick – 52 x 52 x H38 cm

Ink black – 52 x 52 x H38 cm

Dark brick – 65 x 65 x H38 cm

Ink black65 x 65 x H38 cm

Warm sand – 110 x 50 x H38 cm


Ink black – 50 x 50 x H110 cm

Warm sand – 52 x 52 x H145 cm

Warm sand – 80 x 40 x H182 cm

Line Dipping & Jacob Jørgensen

Line Depping and Jakob Jørgensen are Danish designers who come together to collaborate on specific furniture projects, while maintaining their individual design studios. They met during their studies at the design school of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, from which they graduated in 2007.
Together they mainly work with wood, often in combination with other materials and finishes. Depping brings an observational and culturally sensitive approach to partnership, while Jørgensen seeks sculptural expression in functional objects. Their designs are characterized by a light touch, new functions and an experimental approach to the possibilities of wood.
For HAY, they designed the Eiffel shelf, the Eiffel side table and the Eiffel coffee table.