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Butler step ladder

design Shane Schneck, 2018

The Butler stepladder, designed by Shane Schneck, aims to be compact and versatile in order to adapt to modern living spaces, often marked by a lack of space. Used as a stepladder, the Butler provides two steps; placed near a table, it acts as a stool; in a corner, as a coffee table thanks to its last extra wide step.

The Butler stepladder is made of solid oak.
Simple in form but neat in its details, the stepladder comes pre-assembled and ready to use.

Dimensions 50,5 x 42 x H49,5 cm
Materials solid oiled oak

Butler Step ladder

Shane Schneck

Shane Schneck is an American designer based in Sweden, where he founded his Office for Design studio in Stockholm in 2010. International in attitude and vision, he previously lived and worked in Milan with Piero Lissoni studio.
His work has received international recognition, winning Red Dot, iF and Wallpaper design awards. Its design philosophy is to create simple yet innovative products that challenge industry standards. Its products often contain an element of surprise, or are somehow playful or daring in their design. Perhaps in their color, shape or use of materials.
For HAY, Schneck designed Cap, Dish Drainer, Arrosoir, Tool Box, Analog, Porter, Butler, Bowler and Bernard.