design Hee Welling & Hay

The About series was born with the About A Chair and has multiplied into a series with almost unlimited potential - armchairs, sofas, office chairs, stools, tables, etc. –, proof that an initially strong concept withstands numerous modifications.

Within the About A lounge Chair collection, there are many variations: more or less high back, more or less thick padding, metal or wooden bases, fixed or swivel, fabric or leather coverings, there are an About A Lounge Chair for every use and for every taste. 

Shell injection moulded solid-coloured polypropylene seat with armrest
Base steel, aluminium, sold oak or moulded beech plywood base with oak veneer 

Upholstery AAL oeko-Tex foam 10mm + leather or fabric 

Upholstery AAL Soft oeko-Tex foam 25 mm + wadding 40 mm + leather or fabric 

AAL82 Soft


AAL Sofa, AAL81, AAL82, AAL91, AAL82

AAL82 Soft, AAL 83 Soft, AAL87 Soft, AAL81 Soft

Ready-Made AAL Chairs
from 895 €

customize your About A Lounge Chair

aluminium swivel base

AAL 81
from 1090 €

AAL 81 Soft
from 1360 €

AAL 91
from 1580 €

solid oak base

AAL 82
from 890 €

AAL 82 Soft
from 1160 €

AAL 92
from 1200 €

moulded beech plywood base with oak veneer base

AAL 83
from 900 €

AAL 83 Soft
from 1170 €

AAL 93
from 1290 €

steel base

AAL 87
from 890 €

AAL 87 Soft
from 1160 €


seat cushion for AAL 81/82/83
from 125 €

seat cushion for AAL 91/92/93
from 139 €

ottoman AAL 03
from 395 €

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AAL82 Soft



AAL82 Soft



AAL87 Soft

AAL87 Soft





Hee Welling

Hee Welling is a Danish furniture designer who founded his own studio in Copenhagen in 2003. Welling has received a number of design awards, including the Bo Bedre Award (Denmark), Good Design Award (USA) and has been nominated as the Danish designer of the year in both 2013 and 2014.

Welling is the son of a cabinetmaker, and his fascination with production techniques, materials and machinery was fired as a child. He went on to study at The University of Art and Design in Helsinki, and received his master’s degree in furniture design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (where he is also now a design tutor).

His design ethos is centered around the idea of creating technically accomplished products that can reach a wide audience. His work is characterized by a great sense of proportion and quietly elegant looks.