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Sawaru Lamp

design Nendo, 2018

The Sawaru lamp by Nendo is the ultimate emblem of minimalism inspired by the Japanese style. It consists of two independent cylinders: one acts as a light source while the other serves as a base.

The projection angle can be set to 3 positions: 25, 40 and 60 degrees, by inserting the pin attached to the base at different levels. The light intensity can be controlled as well as the color temperature. These functions are made possible by removing any superfluous element and simplifying the form.

Dimensions 2 cylinders Ø15 cm – Main cylinder length 43 cm

Materials base and body in extruded aluminium with painted or galvanized finish, diffuser in photo-etched injection-moulded polycarbonate, reflector in painted die-cast aluminium

Light source 1 LED Array, temperature from 1800K to 4000K via channel mixing on the pedal switch, dimmable




Oki Sato

Nendo design studio is the creation of designer Oki Sato, born in 1977 in Toronto, Canada.

In 2002 he founded nendo design studio. Nendo means ’clay’ in Japanese – or more specifically, modelling clay such as plasticine. A unique material that makes it easy to do creative modelling. As Oki Sato explains: ”The name is appropriate for a studio that needs to develop design solutions for a host of very different clients”

Oki Sato does not look at design like many iconic designers, who have focused on the mantra, ’form follows function’. He also looks at the history behind the product and its design.

His expression is minimalist, but contains small details that immediately bring back memories. He employs soft, intimate shapes which make his designs appear warm and welcoming at first sight.