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pots & vases

The Speckle collection owes its organic and handmade appearance to the very grainy texture of its stoneware. This materiality is reinforced by the irregular shapes, enhanced by the glossy finish.

Speckle pots and vases can be used for plants, flowers, fruits, etc., or as a simple decorative item on a dining table. 

Speckel Pot S

Ø18.5 x H19 cm
65 €

Speckel Pot L

Ø30 x H30 cm
159 €

Speckel Hanging pot S

Ø13.5 x H18.5 cm
45 €

Speckel Hanging Pot L

Ø20.5 x H15 cm
55 €

Speckel wall vase

6,5 x P9 x H23,5 cm
35 €

Speckel wall pocket

7 x P13,5 x H20 cm
39 €