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Pond mirrors

Pond mirrors are characterized by their organic shape supported by a delicate brass structure. 

Evoking the fluid movements of water, Pond mirrors can be hung individually or in compositions, in a bedroom, living room or bathroom.

Frame brass platted zinc + MDF backing

Pond Large

H110 x 63,5 cm
269 €

Pond XL

H94 x 86 cm
309 €

Pond Small

H50 x 52 cm
135 €

Pond table

H23 x 21 x P16 cm
79 €

Adorn mirrors

Materials black or brass powder coated metal frame and mirror

Adorn Face black

H53 x 35 cm
115 €

Adorn Face brass

H53 x 35 cm
115 €

Adorn Full Size black

H159 x 45 cm
269 €

Adorn Full Size brass

H159 x 45 cm
269 €

Enter mirror

Materials mirror on powder coated metal with leather strap
Design Søren Rose Studio 

Small – light grey

H35 x Ø26 cm
85 €

Small - black

H35 x Ø26 cm
85 €

Large – light grey

H53 x Ø45 cm
159 €

Large - black

H53 x Ø45 cm
159 €

Poise mirrors

Materials black powder coated metal frame, black painted ash, mirror

Poise Large

H99 x 28 cm
199 €

Poise Hand mirror

28,5 x 14,5 cm
69 €