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Textile products for the kitchen are a convenient way to introduce beauty into our life: a nice tea towel or a beautiful kitchen apron allow cooking with increased pleasure, to magnify little everyday pleasures. They are also great gifts, both affordable and easy to offer.


Black Unikko Apron

Black Unikko Tea Towels – 2 pcs

Black Unikko Ovenmitten

Black Unikko Pot Holder

Red Unikko Apron

Red Unikko Tea Towels – 2 pcs

Red Unikko Ovenmitten

Red Unikko Pot Holder

Beige Unikko Apron

Beige Unikko Tea Towels – 2 pcs

Beige Unikko Ovenmitten

Beige Unikko Pot Holder

Pienet Elokuun Varjot Apron

Pienet Elokuun Varjot Tea Towels – 2 pcs

Pienet Elokuun Varjot Ovenmitten

Pienet Elokuun Varjot Pot Holder

Räsymatto Apron

Puutarhurin Parhaat Tea Towels – 2 pcs

Räsymatto Ovenmitten

Räsymatto Pot Holder

Unikko Tea Towel – cotton linen

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