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To our Advent Calendar !

One offer per day

- with gift ideas, for yourself or a loved one,
all deliverable in time for Christmas!

# 1st of December

TheJaime Hayon blanket from Fritz Hansen - no longer available

# 2nd of December

The Bell lamp - design Trine Andersen, from FERM LIVING

La lampe Bell - design Trine Andersen, chez FERM LIVING

Through the Bell table lamp by Ferm Living, Trine Andersen revisits the simple design of the 70’s glass lamps. Made of opal glass with an elegant glossy finish, the lamp is composed of two balanced geometric shapes on a chrome base. Diffusing a soft and multi-directional light, the Bell lamp will wrap your reading corner or your bedside table in a warm atmosphere.

Christmas price -40%  

119,40€ (199€)

(Very limited quantities). 

Material opal glass - chrome base - black textile cord 2 m

Dimensions Ø20.5 x H27.7 cm

Source lumineuse E27, bulb not included

# 3rd of December

The scented candles from SCENT OF COPENHAGEN

Born and biked in Copenhagen, Scent of Copenhagen aspire to the highest standard possible. The perfect combination between a ridiculously appealing look - and accent on the scents.

From energizing citrus and luscious fruits to intense spices and aromatic woods, they are an elegant expression of individuality, embracing every mood and occasion

All scents are carefully selected and combined to create the complex layers of notes, an unconventional sense of sophistication. Each candle is crafted from the highest quality natural ingredients. Tailor made, exquisitely simple, refined. And always with a touch of the unexpected, a characteristic of every SCENTOFCOPENHAGEN creation. Handpoured in France.

Christmas Price -20%  

on the following candles - still deliverable in time for Xmas: 

Art of time collection : 

- Golden Hour / Enchanted Evening / Morning mist / Blissful dream

Copenhagen collection : 

Osterbro / Nørrebro / Vesterbro 

AND on the limited edition Xmas: JUL

# 4rd of December

Little Petra from &Tradition - no longer available

# 5 December

Selected duvet covers from Marimekko - no longer available

# 6th of December

The Tool box in Dusty green - design Shane Schnek, HAY

Functionnal and versatif, the ABS Tool Box was designed by Shane Schnek with additional storage on the top and sides in order to optimize storage space. 

Dimensions 30.5 x 21 x H14.5 cm

Christmas price -40%  

27€ (45€)

# 7 December

Panthella Table lamp - design Verner Panton, edt. LOUIS POULSEN

Few lamps have known such a success as the Panthella by Verner Panton. 

Today it is available in multiple formats

- 2 wireless versions, 3 sizes of table lamps, a floor lamp. 

Find the smallest size of the table lamp in our advent offer,

in 2 colors:

Black and White metallic.

Christmas price -35%
(limited quantities)

Dimensions Ø25 x H33,5 cm – base Ø15,6 cm

Light source 10W 2700K LED circuit.

Dimmer. Timer function for automatic switch-off after 4 or 8 hours.

The lamp can be configured to switch on at a given light level. 

# 8 Décembre

- design Vaulot & Dyèvre, edition Petite Friture      

Hand blown in a mould, the Bubble hangers come in two sizes and set up in the same manner as soap bubbles, in unpredictable forms. The result rejuvenates the home by adding colourful yet transparent touches. The designers have created a strong hanger with one point of anchorage, providing the illusion of fragility whilst assuring solidity.

« The Bubble hangers are like soap bubbles frozen forever. The stained glass aids this transformation by bringing a whimsical dimension to the object. The only anchor is in contact with the wall where a solid fixing allows the hook to be hung simply. » Vaulot & Dyèvre

- 2 colors / sizes still available : Coral, Grey 

- 2 sizes 

Small L9,5 x L9,5 x H7,5 cm -  Large L13 x L15 x H13 cm

X-mas price -40%  

S - 41,40€ (69€)

L - 53,40€ (89€)

(Limited quantities)

Find your

n° 8

# 9 Décembre

LBM Table lamp
- design Moisés Hernandez, edition HAY   

Mexican designer Moisés Hernández's LBM table lamp reflects his fascination with monolithic geometry, color, light and shadow. If he says he was inspired by the innovative architecture of his Mexican compatriot Luis Barragan, we can also detect the influence of the Frenchman Jean Prouvé and his Desk Lamp from 1930.

 The utilitarian simplicity of the LBM lamp – a thin plane of vertical sheet steel – engenders a visual lightness and strong design, which makes the lamp as attractive off as on. Its shape allows it to be positioned against a vertical surface. The dimmer allows it to diffuse a subtle and soothing gradient light, which highlights the color of the body.

- 2 colors still available : Pink, Yellow

- size : Simple 

X-mas price -40%  

Simple - 99€ (165€)

(limited quantities)

Find your n° 9

# December 10

Ridge Vases -  design Studio Kaksikko, ed. MUUTO  

With its vertical lines and unique shape, the idea for the Ridge Vase was sparked by a doorway in Paris that Studio Kaksikko (Salla Luhtasela and Wesley Walters) discovered while travelling through different cities with a vase in mind, searching for details that had an architectural feel. Handmade in terracotta, the vase presents a new way to hold flowers through its sculptural expression along with an artful character when not in use.

With references to its name, Ridge Vase applies an added functionality through its refined dent, allowing for flowers to stand upright while also working as a subtle handle when moving the vase from one room to another. The vase comes in two sizes, bringing a distinct touch to any room. Place the Ridge Vase in a windowsill, on the floor or side table for a characterful design object that is unique in both its function and aesthetic. 

- 3 sizes - 3 colors still available S, M, L : Beige, Off White, Terracotta

Xmas price -30%   

S - 44,80€ (64€)

M - 72,80€ (104€)

L - 139,30€ (199€)

Find your 

 n° 10

# 11 - 12 - 13 Décembre

In the Nordic countries, the 13th of December is the day of Light - when Sancta Lucia appears, bringing light and hope into the cold and darkness...!

Knowing this - and also since we had a two day break in the Calendar - we have prepared not only one, but 3 luminous  offers for today    


25% off

on the beautiful Lucia candle holder

from Artek, design by COMPANY 

- who are behind the series "Secrets of Finland", that is celebrating special moments in the calendar

85,50€ (114€)


25% off on the other pieces of the series too. 

ffer is valid as long as there is stock left of each for immediate departure


40% off  on the Circle candle holder

from Ferm Living

71,40€ (119€)

Find your n° 9
cercle candle holder 



35% off  on the Balance candle holder

from Ferm Living

25,35€ (39€)

# December 14

- design Samy Rio, edition Petite Friture      

A Quasar (contraction of "quasi-stellar") is the brightest of all celestial bodies – a name chose by designer Samy Rio, an astronomy enthusiast, for his portable lamp that can be hang from trees or from the ceiling.

The choice of anodized aluminum gives a beautiful object with a luxurious finish. The multicolored and matching braided rope (made of strong UV resistant polyester) makes the lamp easy to hang or move, suitable for indoor and outdoor use (IP54).

The dimmer allows 3 light colors and 3 intensity levels.

Removable components facilitate recycling: The aluminum used is 20% recycled and recyclable in turn. The ABS (impact resistant polymer) foot is also made from 25% recycled materials.

- 2 colors : Emeraude and Sienna

Xmas Price 40% off  

137,40 (229€)

(Limited quantities)

# December 15

- design Carina Seth Andersson, edition Marimekko



# December 17

Collection CRAFT
- design Simon Legald, edition Normann Copenhagen

Craftis a luxury collection of kitchen utensils made from the natural materials marble and oak. The materials' natural weight and beautiful manufacture leads to kitchenware that exudes quality and distinction. The wide range makes it easy to create a permeating style in your kitchen decor.

30-50% off on the entire collection. 

Ready for immediate departure.
Offer available on each item as long as there is stock left and until Dec. 20 maximum.

La suite - à venir…

# December 18

Station clocks
- design Arne Jacobsen, edition Copenhagen Watch Group

In the mid-1930s, a young Arne Jacobsen designed a house for H. J. Hansen, the director of Lauritz Knudsen (a large and well-known company in the electrical industry). The director spotted Arne Jacobsen's talent and asked him to design a clock for his new home. Arne Jacobsen took up the challenge and designed an alarm clock, his first industrial product project.

30% off on a selection of colors. 

Ready for immediate departure.
Offer available on each item as long as there is stock left and until Dec. 20 maximum.

Find your Station clock n° 18


# December 19

Concha hooks
- edition AYTM

A hook is not just a place to hang your coat! It is a unique chance to enhance your home décor. The various sizes of the Concha hooks mean you can create an art piece, that also has a function. The Concha hook won the German Design Award in 2020.

-50% as long as stock last. 

Ready for immediate departure.
Offer available on each item as long as there is stock left and until Dec. 20 maximum.

Find your Concha hooks n° 19


# December 20

JWDA, Phare and Carrie lamps
- edition Audo Copenhagen

30% off as long as stock last. 

Ready for immediate departure.
Offer available on each item as long as there is stock left

Get your Carrie hand lamp
n° 20

Get your Phare nomad lamp
n° 20


Get your JWDA wireless lamp
n° 20


# December 21

Nappula candleholder
- edition Iittala

30% off as long as stock last. 

Ready for immediate departure.
Offer available on each item as long as there is stock left

Get your Nappula candleholder n° 21


# December 22

Tripod table lamp
- edition &Tradition

-30% as long as stock last. 

Ready for immediate departure.
Offer available on each item as long as there is stock left

Find your Tripod table lamp n° 22


To be followed…