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ARTEK Fabrics
Siena & Rivi patterns

Siena pattern

design Alvar Aalto, 1954

Alvar Aalto designed the Siena pattern in 1954 as a fabric that could be easily used for a variety of purposes, in large or small areas. 

The famous Finnish architect and designer has always had a special fondness for Italy, where he made many trips and carried out many projects. It was in Siena that he designed this simple formal pattern, which is now used in many products. 

Cotton – White / Black

Coated cotton – White / Black

Cotton canvas – White / Black

Cotton – Grey / Light grey shadow

Coated cottonGrey / Light grey shadow

Cotton canvasGrey / Light grey shadow

Cotton – Sand / White

Coated cottonSand / White

Cotton canvasSand / White

Cotton – Brick / Sand shadow

Coated cottonBrick / Sand shadow

Cotton canvasBrick / Sand shadow

Cotton – White / White

Coated cotton – White / White

Rivi pattern

design Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, 2017

The Rivi pattern - Finnish for line - is based on hand-drawn parallel lines extending endlessly in both directions. The beauty of Rivi comes from the contrast between the geometric rigor of the concept and the natural irregularity of the handmade designs. 

It fits perfectly into Artek's aesthetic tradition, where the irregularities of wood have always been seen as assets to be shown rather than flaws to be hidden.  

Cotton – White / Black

Coated cotton – White / Black

Cotton canvas – White / Black

Cotton – Blue / White

Coated cotton – Blue / White

Cotton canvas – Blue / White

Cotton – White / Blue 

Coated cotton – White / Blue

Cotton canvas – White / Blue

Cotton canvas – Mustard / White

Cotton – Mustard / White

Coated cotton – Mustard / White