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design Sami Kallio, 2013 / 2021

The In Between Coffee Tables belong to the large In Between series, which includes several tables and chairs. All the elements share the same visual grammar, from their gentle curvature to the outward splay of their legs, but also the same finishes – oiled oak, oiled smoked oak and black lacquered oak. 

Material Solid oak

In Between Coffee Tables

from 296 € 

Smoked Oiled Oak

Oiled Oak

Black Lacquered Oak

Sami Kallio

Sami Kallio was born in Finland and raised in Sweden, where he honed his skills in traditional woodworking craftsmanship, such as compression moulding and woodturning. An award-winning designer with a studio based in in Gothenburg, Kallio designs furniture and interiors translating classical shapes into contemporary expressions with an industrial aesthetic which resonate with a modern-minded audience.

Man and machine both play a role in many of Kallio’s creations. Merging modern methods of industrial manufacturing with handcrafted techniques. The result is a refreshing balance between the past and the present.

The In Between chair and table offer a wink to the past in a timeless design with a focus forward. The interplay between positive and negative space is central to the concept, where forms are created by the shape as well as gaps in between. "This series fuses tradition with revolution, one of the founding principles at &Tradition," notes Martin Kornbek Hansen. "The crafting techniques and use of wood are steeped in our Nordic heritage. An important aspect of our designs which we are keen to keep alive."