natural oak
30 degree pendant lamp is a lightweight shade made of laminated oak veneer. The seamless surface is achieved by aligning the ends of semicircular veneer sheets at a 30 degree angle, so the inside cone and internal angle is always 30 degrees. The layering of the conical veneer creates a solid shade that is opaque and characterized by its harmonious woodgrain pattern. Rich in tactility, the series express a natural elegant aesthetic. All shades are sealed with a matt lacquer and supplied with a molded locater fitting, which levels and supports the shade when suspended.

SMALL Ø24 x H 17 cm – MEDIUM Ø33,5 x H 25 cm – LARGE Ø53 x H 35 cm – EXTRA LARGE Ø61,5 x H 50 cm



30 degrees pendant lamp


Design Johan Van Hengel

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