stone white lacquered legs / olive linoleum
stone white lacquered legs / pebble linoleum
stone white lacquered legs / light grey linoleum
stone white lacquered legs / blue linoleum
Stool 60 is available in a new version, with stone white lacquered legs: legs in stone white lacquered legs; seat in blue, light grey, pebble and olive linoleum.

> Stool 60 – Finland 100 years limited edition

birch / Zebra fabric
birch / black
birch / white
birch / turquoise
birch / green
birch / orange
birch / yellow
walnut stained birch / turquoise
walnut stained birch / pink
walnut stained birch
honey / pale blue
honey / orange
honey / honey
black / cream
black / blue
birch / purple
birch / dark blue
Designed by Alvar Aalto in 1933, the Stool 60 is certainly the most copied design classic in the world. To celebrate this icon, Artek propose it in several versions. Besides the classic versions, you will find below the interpretations given by Hella Jongerius as well as the beautiful colors of the Paimio series.
The Stool 60 can be used as a stool, of course, but also as a side table. In any case, his presence brings a touch of simplicity, intelligence and gaiety to the house.
The stool 60 is available in a classical upholstered version: legs in natural lacquered, black lacquered or white lacquered birch, and seat upholstered with Zebra fabric designed by Alvar Aalto.

> Stool 60 with Zebra fabric

Hella Jongerius’ reinterpretation of Alvar Aalto armchairs 400 and 401 together with Stool 60 is the beginning of a new collaboration on a crisp and tactile collection of Artek classics. The legs are available in natural lacquered birch, honey stained birch, walnut stained birch and black stained birch, the seats in 10 selected colors.
Stool 60 is available in several classical versions: seat and legs in natural lacquered birch, seat and legs black or white lacquered, legs in birch natural lacquered with seat in black linoleum or white laminate.
The feet are made of natural lacquered birch, the seat is painted in the six colours chosen by Alvar Aalto for the interior decoration of the Paimio Sanatorium, his first major architectural work which secured him international fame.
birch / black linoleum
birch / white laminate
natural birch
white lacquered
black lacquered

> Stool 60 – Hella Jongerius

(80th anniversary limited edition)

> Stool 60 – Classical Editions

> Stool 60 – Paimio

(80th anniversary limited edition)



Stool 60


design Alvar Aalto,1933

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