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Louis Poulsen Outdoor lamps

To learn more about the rich history of Louis Poulsen and his designers, we invite you to explore this page. Our prices are guaranteed: if you find cheaper elsewhere, we are committed to offering the same price -5%. Much of our fixtures Louis Poulsen are in stock and can be sent upon receipt of the order. Otherwise, the lamps will be sent directly from the factory Louis Poulsen in Denmark in order to minimize travel time (approximately 10 days). If a Louis Poulsen lamp interests you and is not presented here, thank you for using the form at the bottom.

GOOD TO KNOW: Scandinavia design is an authorized Louis Poulsen retailer. All our products are coming from Louis Poulsen factories and come with a warranty and authenticity certificate. Our prices are the lowest prices authorized by Louis Poulsen.
WARNING: The law is not the same in Great Britain (less protective for the designers), where you can find chinese copies under the name "Louis Poulsen":
the price is lower, but the quality also.
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