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Louis Poulsen

LC Shutters
design : Louise Campbell
What could be done with one aluminium plate still holding on to the DNA of Louis Poulsen? Not only "shading" but also "distributing". To "wrap up the light" to avoid glare from the naked light source. But at the same time spreading out the light. And creating ambience. Louise Campbell: "It is about finding a delicate balance. I prefer 100 lit candles to a single powerful light source any day. So how design a single lamp? By fragmenting the light it emits." Like in all other lamps Louise Campbell have designed for Louis Poulsen, she works with layers. In LC Shutters this is done by perforating and punching an extra layer out of one piece of material. This makes the lamp very robust and strong. The light source is shielded by an opal diffuser.
LC Shutters is available in 2 versions, white and coloured, inspired by japanese spring. Diameter 43,9cm, height 30cm. Cable length 3m (white pvc). Weight 3kg. Bulb E27. Max. 70W halogen / 12W LED / 24W energy saving. Class: Tngress protection IP20. Electric shock protection cl. II. 
FREE inside EU  > 150€*
29€ for the rest of the world
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